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3 Benefits of Regular Sewer Drain Cleaning

It’s easy to ignore sewer drains until something goes wrong. Really, people do not want to think about sewers. But a sewer drain problem can be an emergency that shuts down a business for days. If drains are not maintained, they can slowly develop problems that can result in the system overflowing. And that is a disaster for restaurants, factories or any other types of business. Not only does the sewer need to be repaired, but the overflow causes damage.

Skimping on regular sewer drain cleaning can wind up costing a lot more than regular drain maintenance. Aside from the cost of cleaning and repairing the sewer drains, a business has to close while the work is being done. So they lose income. And it can take a massive, professional cleaning team to get the premises in shape to reopen. The overflow can also damage equipment, which means the company must replace it. And if the company’s customer base learns of a sewer drain problem on the premises, it can hurt business, especially for restaurants, hotels and other venues open to the public. That’s without mentioning the smell and health impacts.

What Regular Sewer Drain Cleaning Does

Running any type of business is demanding, whether it is a factory, a lab, a farm or a venue such as a hotel or restaurant. And when things go wrong, it seems to always be at the worse possible time. But prevention is better than cure – and cheaper too. Here’s exactly how scheduled sewer drain maintenance can keep a business running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Prevent Blockages: Over time, debris and deposits can accumulate in sewer systems. Initially, they will just slow the flow of waste water. But eventually, this will lead to a full blockage. Regular sewer drain cleaning clears that debris before it accumulates enough to impede the sewer’s functioning. While slow drains aren’t a crisis, they are annoying and inefficient. But an actual blockage is a crisis that can cause waste water to back up and overflow. A sewer overflow means a business has to close while it is being cleared and cleaned, and it can also mean damage that has to be repaired before the company can reopen. The cost of having a blockage removed is only part of the overall price tag for this disaster scenario.
  • Detect Damage: Sewer systems can sustain various types of damage. Debris passing through the pipes can damage them.  Damage can come from outside the system too, such as sewer pipes being struck during digging to place other pipes or wires. Using CCTV to check pipes during regular cleaning means the problem can be repaired before it causes real harm.
  • Avoid Odours: Slow flowing sewer drains can create foul odours. Organic debris accumulating in the drains and pipes will start to rot, creating an unpleasant smell that can permeate a building. That is unacceptable in any type of workplace. Employees subjected to such conditions are not able to do their best work.  For hotels, pubs and restaurants, foul smells on the premises will drive away customers, eroding their income. Regular sewer drain cleaning prevents this problem. Waiting until an odour develops means the company then has to work to convince people the problem was once-off problem and has been solved.

It is easy to prevent these problems by scheduling regular sewer drain cleaning and maintenance. For most companies, having the sewage system professionally cleaned and checked every six months is adequate. Some industries benefit from drain maintenance every three to four months, while a few others can manage with a cleaning every nine to 12 months. An experienced environmental waste management company can advise a company about their specific needs based on their waste flow. While some businesses balk at the cost of preventative maintenance for their sewage systems, it actually saves money. Savvy business owners and managers understand the value of preventing problems. A regular cleaning and inspection cannot prevent all sewage problems, but it does ensure that those that can be prevented are.

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