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Finding the Best Sludge Removal Service for Farms

While the urban dwellers who enjoy the fruits of the farmers’ labour might think of the farmer’s life as healthy and relaxed, those who work the land know better. Running a large farm is a far cry from the popular dream of a small plot where one can grow their own vegetables free from nosey neighbours. It involves massive responsibilities for safety and environmental stewardship, a running battle with Mother Nature and the same pressures as running any other business. One of the tasks those outside the industry tend to overlook is sanitation. Specifically, farmers have to deal with the slurry, sewage and waste water their industry produces. And that is a job that requires experienced, professional specialists with state of the art equipment for sludge removal.

Like any business, farms need to constantly seek to find the best service providers for the tasks they need outside expertise to complete. While it is possible to get approval to deal with slurry on-site, many farms prefer to have the waste dealt with by an outside firm. Finding the best farm sludge removal service is important for financial, environmental and safety reasons. It requires a bit of research, and knowing what questions to ask helps to find the best provider.

Questions for Farm Sludge Removal Experts

When you are searching for the best sludge removal company for your farm, you need to know what they offer and how it compares to other environmental solution providers. Cost is of course a factor, but saving money shouldn’t be the only goal. Here are four other key things to ask about.

  • Safety: It is important to know not only what the firm’s track record on safety is, but also what measures they take to ensure the safety of their staff, your staff and animals and your property in general. You want the safest company, not the luckiest one or the one with so little experience their stats are meaningless. Farms are dangerous workplaces. It’s important to pick a sludge removal service with experience serving farms. Ask each company how they prepare for jobs. Do they do a risk assessment and tailored safe plan for each assignment? Are all staff involved trained in the specific work they will be doing on your property?
  • Environmental Responsibility: Ask what happens when their truck leaves your property. How do they dispose of the waste? How do they protect your land while they are working there? Paperwork accountability – showing exactly where waste has been taken to for disposal is key to any organisations environmental plan. Make sure you are fully informed and completely comfortable with the company’s environmental impact. Composting the waste is excellent, but confirm that they company’s composting facility is approved.
  • Techniques Available: Before it can be transported, sludge is dewatered. A good sludge removal company can offer a few options and recommend the best one for a specific client. When screening companies, ask them which sludge dewatering processes they use and which they would recommend for your farm.
  • Other Services: A large farm needs a range of professional services related to sanitation and waste. Because of the time involved in screening potential service providers, it is a bonus to find a slurry removal company that can offer more. If you have found more than one company that meets your requirements for safety, environmental responsibility, suitability for your needs and cost, it makes sense to see if they can also cover other jobs such as cleaning silos and tanks and maintaining drainage systems. 

A farm is a business, and like any business, its success depends on its efficiency. Often, bringing in outside sludge removal and drain maintenance professionals improves efficiency. But finding the right service provider is critical. The time spent researching the options is an investment because once you find the right firm, they should provide their service in a way that enhances the smooth and efficient running of the farm. While some farms can spread slurry on their land, others find the complications involved such as providing an approved storage system on site and dealing with neighbours mean hiring an experienced sludge removal service is a much better option.

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