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Case Study - Large Reservoir Clean and Disinfection

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This was one of the larger reservoirs in the Irish Water network. It had not been cleaned and desludged since commissioning. The scale of the task, in terms of sludge volume and operating conditions within the cells, could only be estimated. There was a clear need to complete the work in as short a time as possible to maintain water supply. AQS put together a programme of works that took account of these uncertainties and met the client’s tight timescales whilst operating a strict hygiene protocol.

Outcomes Achieved

  • Irish Water tank cleaning best practice guidelines followed to the letter.
  • Desludging and cleaning of a 100ML twin-cell potable water reservoir within a two week programme.
  • Strategically important clean water asset off line for the shortest possible time.
  • Use of an advanced non-aggressive cleaning technique removed biofouling from walls and pillars.
  • Work completed to within the hour of the schedule – despite significant uncertainty as to the amount of sludge to be removed.
  • Engineering inspection of the reservoir facilitated in accordance with confined space entry procedures.

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