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Case Study - Interceptor Cleaning using FlexLine® Combined Suction and Jetting

Equipment used:

  • ARD FlexLine®
  • Suction hose
  • Safety equipment
  • Personal protection equipment


Using the appropriate personal protective equipment, we cordoned off the work area with barrier tape and signage.

We then laid down 4” suction hose from the ADR FlexLine® to the interceptor; one end was connected to the ADR FlexLine® and the other to the interceptor. The vacuum pump was engaged and the inlet into the ADR tank was opened creating a vacuum which drew the liquid from the tank to the ADR.

This process was continued until the tank was at a safe level for one of our men to be lowered using a tripod, winch and harness. Before any entry was made however, gas levels were checked and recorded using a gas monitor, a process which continued throughout the operation.

At this stage, the water jetting hose of the FlexLine® unit was also lowered into the tank in order for the man to wash and clean the tank. All debris and waste was collected through the suction hose which was connected to the FlexLine® unit.

This process continued until the tank was cleaned to the client’s satisfaction. All interceptor wastes were delivered to an authorised hydrocarbon disposal facility and a certificate of disposal was issued upon completion.

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