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AQS and Panton McLeod launch partnership


From left to right, Rónán Beasley (Technical Director AQS), Jim Panton (CEO Panton McLeod), Stan O’Reilly (Commercial Director AQS), Iain Weir (Chief Technical Officer, Panton McLeod)

AQS Environmental Solutions is working in partnership with UK water quality engineering specialist Panton McLeod to deliver specialist clean water solutions in Ireland.

The relationship allows customers to benefit from AQS’s unrivalled suction and jetting technology and expertise, combined with Panton McLeod’s industry-leading chemical cleaning and clean water maintenance systems.

The partnership provides clean water suppliers with faster, more cost-effective and safer methodologies for surveying, cleaning and repairing reservoirs and clean water pipelines.

The partnership gives clean water suppliers access to Panton McLeod’s PM88 system that allows reservoirs to be cleaned and returned to service quickly and safely in a way that removes the risk of cryptosporidium contamination.

AQS Technical Director Rónán Beasley said: “We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Panton McLeod to offer a unique and powerful combination of expertise to the Irish water supply market.

“PM88 is the market leading non-aggressive reservoir cleaning system in the UK. Working together, we have already proven its worth in Ireland. Return-to-service times are shorter, and cleaning is more effective.

“At the same time, we are using the best and most modern vacuum and suction technology, by deploying our brand new JHL SuperFlex jet vac tanker on reservoir cleaning projects.”

Panton McLeod Business Development Director Paul Henderson said: “AQS is the ideal partner for us in Ireland. Its team shares our values and ethos for delivering innovative and high quality potable water system cleaning technologies.

“By working together with AQS in this exciting partnership, we‘re convinced we will be in a strong position to offer water suppliers with the very best reservoir cleaning and maintenance service in Ireland.”

The PM88 system has been used to clean a 100 megalitre reservoir in the Dublin area, with the project completed in two weeks, compared with the six weeks it would have taken conventional mechanical cleaning.

AQS is also making use of Panton McLeod’s innovative robotic  technology. Mini submarines and crawling robots are deployed to carry out surveys and cleaning tasks.

This allows supply-critical reservoirs to be inspected and cleaned without being taken out of service, and supports cost-effective strategic maintenance planning.

The technology has been used to inspect two reservoirs, one 25 megalitre the other 50 megalitre, in Limerick, with great success.

AQS, part of Lanes Group plc, the UK’s largest specialist drainage and asset maintenance solutions provider, will also be offering Panton McLeod’s innovative pipe maintenance service.

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