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CCTV drainage survey advances protect against hidden risks

Businesses can put their operations at risk if they do not have assurance that they are receiving a timely and comprehensive CCTV drainage survey and diagnostic service.

AQS Environmental Services Commercial Director Stan O’Reilly warns that not taking steps to receive the appropriate data and analysis from drainage surveys may not reveal hidden risks as soon as is needed.

He added: “The quality of drainage survey data is the benchmark of a 21st Century drainage service. Businesses and public sector organisations need to be aware of the risks associated with not getting this process right.

“Those risks can include delays in carrying out business critical improvements to drainage systems, failure to protect adequately against potential pollution incidents, and inefficient allocation of maintenance budgets.”

AQS, based near Johnstown, Galmoy, Co Kilkenny, uses the very latest CCTV drainage survey systems and reporting technology to ensure its client reports are delivered quickly and contain all appropriate data.

The advanced systems allow AQS CCTV drainage teams, in many cases, to prepare reports, including drainage system maps, while they are at the survey site. Often, reports can then be submitted to the client within 24 hours.

This blue ribbon standard protects clients from acknowledged industry failures, which include rushed surveying leading to incomplete data, long delays in submitting reports, and the discovery later of the need for additional remedial work which may have not been budgeted for.

Stan O’Reilly said: “This new technology is providing more comprehensive drainage survey reports, which we can get to clients faster than every before, allowing them to make timely decisions about remedial work.

“The approach is based on setting the highest standards in gathering data, which is the bedrock of any survey process. Our clients certainly value the thoroughness of the service.

“We tailor our drainage survey and diagnostic surveys to the needs of the clients, that includes gathering only the data they need, and working within the timescales they set.

“Skimping on the drainage survey process is very often a false saving, because drainage and pipe problems not detected during the main survey will still have to dealt with later, or they could contribute to a critical failure that triggers additional costs and can damage a business’s reputation.”

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