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Investment boost delivers additional deep vacuum power

AQS Environmental Services has cemented its lead in tank and drain cleaning in Ireland by taking delivery of one of Europe’s most powerful jet vac tankers.

The JHL SuperFlex unit’s unique abilities for removing the thickest sludge waste means it is expected to be in strong demand from customers in the agriculture, construction, food waste and utility sectors.

Its arrival at the AQS Environmental Services HQ in Thurles, County Tipperary, reflects a big investment boost for the company since it was acquired by UK drainage specialist Lanes Group plc in December, 2015.

AQS Environmental Services Commercial Director Stan O’Reilly said: “The SuperFlex is one of the most capable jet vac tankers on the market. I doubt it has a rival in Ireland in terms of power and flexibility of operation.

“We are constantly looking for better, safer and more sustainable ways to help our utility, industrial and commercial customers to manage their liquid and sludge waste. This machine is the next big step on that journey.

“Being part of Lanes Group has allowed us to review and enhance our investment plans, accelerating the acquisition of ultra-modern equipment like this, much to the ongoing benefit of our customers.”

Danish manufacturer JHL has designed the SuperFlex specifically for the Irish and UK markets, with enhanced vacuumation for emptying tanks at sewage treatment works, factories and anaerobic digester plants.

It has a powerful liquid ring vacuum pump and a five-inch wide suction hose. At AQS Environmental Solutions’ request, it has also been fitted with an additional air injection kit, which directs compressed air to the base of the hose, greatly increasing suction rates still further.

The machine is ideal for supporting customers with stand-alone wastewater holding and treatment plants, or who require removal of large volumes of liquids and sludge as part of industrial processes.

Stan O’Reilly said: “A case in point is a current project to remove a heavy whey sludge which has been stored in a tank for approximately 15 years. It has become deeply compacted, so requires significant suction to remove.

“Without a SuperFlex, we would probably have to deploy one of our DISAB specialist vacuumation units and a water jetting van. That means having more vehicles on a site, which may already have access problems, and potentially extra cost for the client.”

The jet vac tanker has a 14,000 litre tank with a movable internal partition. This allows jetting water and waste to be managed with maximum efficiency, so the tanker can stay working on site for longer.

It is the second SuperFlex unit in the AQS Environmental Services fleet. But, because of the rapid speed of technological change, it is by far the most advanced.

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