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New Flexlines boost service

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Outcomes achieved


Two new JHL FlexLine 414 ADR combined suction and jetting units join the AQS fleet.

Ideal for tank desludging, large diameter pipe cleaning, and many other challenging industrial cleaning and waste removal tasks. Customers benefit from two of the most modern and powerful jet vac tankers on the market.

Significantly improved capability and productivity, backed by customised features to better support AQS customers. Faster turn-around of urgent waste removal and cleaning projects. Better vehicle utilisation within AQS Environmental Solutions, giving customers greater value for money.


The challenge


AQS was determined to upgrade and expand its fleet of ADR combined suction and jetting units. Two units, purchased in 2007, had given incredible service, but AQS wanted customers to get the benefit of the latest technology and capability.

AQS selected two JHL FlexLine 414 ADR units, with customised elements to ensure they fitted customer needs perfectly. The decision was also taken to retain the 2007 machines, bringing the total number of ADR combined suction and jetting units available for customers to four.

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FlexLine 414 in numbers


14             Volume of tank (m3)

3              Position settings for tank partition

380           Jetting volume at 190 bar (litres/min)

26,666       Vacuum capacity in litres/min (min)

5              Diameter of main suction hose (ins)

10             Below surface vacuum reach (m)

200           Length of one inch jetting hose (m)

100           Length of half inch jetting hose (m)


AQS quote


“We recognise our customers face new and growing technical and operational challenges in terms of asset maintenance. They also want to maximise productivity and cost effectiveness of their maintenance programmes. These new FlexLine 414 ADR units are a key part of business strategy of meeting those challenges head on.”


Stan O’Reilly Commercial Director, AQS Environmental Solutions


AQS FlexLine 2.jpg 



Our new FlexLine 414 units can do everything, from sucking the heaviest sludges in industrial tanks to desilting long and large-diameter sewers and culverts.

Built to full ADR specification, they can be operated in all environments. Drivers are Hazchem-trained and certified. AQS has a national waste collection permit, so can deliver any product to a wide range of waste disposal facilities.


Commitment to investment


Thanks to the support of our parent company Lanes Group, the UK’s largest independent drainage and asset maintenance solutions specialist, AQS has developed its fleet in other ways in the past two years, including:

  • A new JHL SuperFlex combined suction and jetting unit.
  • A new van pack drain unblocking and CCTV survey van.
  • A new mainline CCTV survey van.

We look forward to continuing to serve existing and new customers. Should you have any queries, please contact us on our Freephone number 1800 500 020 or email


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