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Equipment enabling AQS to provide a wider and greater service

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AQS Environmental Solutions are Drainage and Cleaning Experts. We have an extensive range of truck and van units to provide this service. In recent times we have added other equipment to our stock to enhance further the service our trucks and units provide. These items are:

Portable Hydraulic Reel

The Portable Hydraulic Reel is used in areas where access is limited and the area is not accessible to our jetting truck. It extends the capability of our jetting unit to off-road areas. It is a track mounted, engine powered hose reel which is connected to the main jetting hose of one of our REcyclers or Jet-Vac units. The remote hose reel is positioned at the manhole or access point and then jetting can be carried out as normal. The track enables it to travel over almost all terrain to reach access point location.

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Pavement Power Washer

This piece of equipment enables us to clean extremely dirtied footpaths and yards. The Pavement Power Washer gives excellent results on all surface types. It is connected to our Jet- Vac units enabling it to clean quickly and effectively. Summer time is a good time of year to engage this washer, after Winter has left our footpaths and yards soiled an and stained. The final result is impeccable.

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