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Why You Need to Call Septic Tank Cleaning Companies on a Regular Basis

Use Septic Tank Cleaning Companies Often to Keep Your System Healthy


A septic tank is a vital part of a house or property that isn’t connected to the mains drainage system. Unfortunately, most owners don’t appreciate the essence of their septic tanks until it manifests costly problems.


As septic tanks are located underground, owners often don’t see a problem developing. Unfortunately, once your septic tank manifests a problem, it’s often something serious, such as a blockage or overflow. It’s important to know how your septic tank works and why it is vital that you call septic tank cleaning companies to check on it on a regular basis.


How Do Septic Tanks Work?


If you have bought a house or property that comes with a septic tank, then you probably know very little about them and how they work. Instead of all the waste water in your house going to the mains drainage system, they flow to a single pipe that leads to the septic tank which will be buried outside, typically under the garden.


While all the waste water combines in the pipe, it begins to separate when it hits the septic tank. The heaviest matter sinks to the bottom and becomes sludge. At the top of the tank you get the fats, oils, and proteins that form the scum layer; in the middle you get a relatively clear liquid called the effluent.


The effluent drains from the tank into the drainfield. It is released below the ground but above the water table. This is so that it won’t flow into nearby waterways and sources of underground water. The effluent merely fertilizes the ground.


Why Septic Tanks Need Regular Cleaning


Repair jobs for septic tank problems can cost thousands, but you can easily avoid spending on repairs through regular maintenance. Generally, septic tanks need to be emptied about every one to three years. Experts, however, recommend a yearly cleaning to prevent the septic tank from overflowing.


It is important that, in having your septic tank emptied, you also consider having other maintenance checks completed as well. You should have pipes connected to the tank checked to confirm there are no blockages, even partial ones, which can be costly to get fixed once the tank is closed up.


To ensure that you don’t need to spend thousands fixing a broken septic tank and the affected areas, it is vital that you get your tank cleaned and checked on a regular basis. There are septic tank cleaning companies that offer the most up to date information and advice to help keep your drainage system healthy.



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