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Why Your Home Needs Routine Professional Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service

Drains at home are at risk of clogging. Even those that are properly installed can become blocked with a build-up of oils, fats, food waste, soaps, and other materials that can find their way into drains.

Kitchen sinks are more prone to drain clogs from the build-up of fats, oils, and grease (FOG). It can look like a layer of black gunk in the pipes. Bathroom drain pipes, on the other hand, develop clogs that are caused by hair, soap residue, plus wipes and sanitary products that are regularly (and wrongly) flushed down toilets.

Most homeowners use plungers to unclog the drain pipes. The repeated suction and force acts to disrupt the blockage material in the kitchen sink or tub drain. Most of these remedies, however, only provide temporary solutions to the underlying drainage problem. Repeated drain clogging points to bigger, underlying problems, hence the need to engage sewer and drain cleaning professionals.

Safe Drain Cleaning

Sewer and drain cleaning services use safe, fast, and convenient ways to clear stubborn clogs. They have the appropriate equipment for the task, and use drain cleaning methods that protect the environment. Chemical drain cleaners that can be bought in local stores can damage some plumbing systems, so should only be used with caution.

Clean environment – no health risks

Clean drains help prevent waste water management risks that can cause health problems. When drain blockages occur, sewers can overflow, leading to hygiene hazards. Routine sewer and drain cleaning reduces the risk of blockages and sewage floods. Basements are particularly prone to sewage flooding. Most homeowners do not realise there is a problem with their drains until it is too late.

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Reduced Plumbing Expenses

Professionals also provide routine maintenance to prevent major drain problems. Sewer systems that are kept clean rarely develop clogs. This reduces the likelihood of householders experiencing sewage overflows.

Also, householders are less likely to need emergency plumbing repairs and drain cleaning, which is more costly and inconvenient. Routine maintenance allows sewer and drain cleaning specialists to identify minor problems before they become major plumbing issues.

For example, tree roots can break more easily into old and cracked pipes, leading quickly to serious drain blockages.

Professional drain cleaning services use CCTV drainage survey cameras to see inside drains and sewers, to determine the extent of drain problems, and the best and most cost-effective measures to take.

Pipe replacement is an expensive process, and highly inconvenient. Sewer and drain cleaning professionals may be able to recommend less expensive options for renewing your drains, saving you time and solving the drain problem more quickly with less disruption.

Jetting Water is Recycled

The jetting water used by drain cleaning professionals during their work is recycled for other projects, so you don’t have to worry about how to dispose of that murky water. What is more, the clogs retrieved from the drain cleaning activities are delivered to licensed disposal facilities to ensure proper removal.

Get Rid of Bad Smells

Clogged sewers develop bad smells that can be difficult to eliminate. Drain cleaning professionals have the expertise to deal with the core problems, getting rid of the odours quickly and permanently. Cleaning drains professionally greatly reduces the chance of the problem happening again.


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