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Septic Tank Cleaning

6 reasons why septic tank cleaning companies deliver a vital property maintenance service

Homes and businesses not linked to the main sewer systems will either have a septic tank or a water treatment plant to treat and manage waste water.

There are a lot of properties in Ireland that have them. A key issue is to maintain these important facilities in a timely and professional way, which is where septic tank cleaning companies come into their own.

However, many property owners are not entirely clear about how and when their septic tanks need to be cleaned and maintained, not least because most are buried underground, so are out of sight and out of mind.

This can mean that problems develop, and can suddenly manifest themselves in a more serious way that is necessary. One way this can be overcome is to work with a trusted septic tank cleaning company that can keep your wastewater treatment plant working effectively.

How Do Septic Tanks Work?

If you have bought a house or property that has a septic tank, you need to know how it works. Instead of all the waste water from the property flowing down public sewers to a treatment works, it is collected in a septic tank within the grounds of your property.

The septic tank has a filtering system that separates the three constituent parts in the wastewater – the fats and oils, solid matter, and the water.

The solid matter, being heaviest, sinks to the bottom and becomes sludge. Oils and fats gather on the top of the tank in a scum layer. The clear liquid, called effluent, sits in the middle.

The effluent drains from the tank into a drain field, usually a series of perforated pipes laid within a porous medium, such as gravel.

It is slowly released into the ground, and broken down by bacteria in the soil, so that by the time the water reaches the water table, and can potentially flow into nearby water courses, it is harmless.

Why Septic Tanks Need Regular Cleaning

There are important reasons why septic tanks need regular maintenance, and why professional septic tank cleaning companies should be commissioned to do the job.

  1. If the septic tank becomes full, it cannot operate properly, which can prevent toilets, sinks, and surface water drains from working properly
  2. Raw sewage could back up in the waste water system and flood out
  3. This will cause a very nasty smell, and would be a health hazard for the property owner and others nearby
  4. The sewage spill could also cause a pollution incident, threatening wildlife
  5. This will gain the attention of the Environmental Protection Agency which could prosecute the septic tank owner
  6. If the septic tank overfills it could be damaged and so could need expensive repairs, or could even have to be replaced.

Generally, septic tanks need to be emptied regularly, every one-to-three years, depending on the demands placed upon them. The waste sludge and fat needs to be taken to an authorised waste disposal centre.

Ideally, though, septic tanks should be cleaned once a year to ensure they do not overflow. At the same time, the septic tank cleaning company can carry out maintenance checks to ensure it is in good repair.

This includes inspecting the septic tank’s pipe system to ensure it is no blocked, even partially. Parts can then be replaced in a timely manner, to avoid the build-up of more serious and expensive repair problems.

Working with a septic tank cleaning company gives you peace of mind, and full assurance that your septic tank is in good working condition.

Also, if there is an emergency, such a drainage services supplier will be on hand to help quickly, especially as you have a good relationship with them, and they know your septic tank well. 

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We offer septic tank cleaning and emptying in the following locations:

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  • Kilkenny
  • Cork
  • Laois
  • Limerick
  • Waterford
  • Clare 

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