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AQS Environmental Solutions: Corporate Social Responsibility

AQS Environmental Solutions (part of Lanes Group plc) has been actively involved in a number of corporate social responsibility objectives since 2016. Whilst AQS had been demonstrating many principles of the Lanes Group CSR policy before the Lanes purchased AQS back in November 2015. It has since focused on the goals put in place by Lanes by putting steps in place to achieve these objectives.

With our new goals and targets being set for 2017 to 2025 and beyond. AQS Environmental solutions have committed to fulfilling all the pillars of the CSR policy which are:

  • Environmentally
  • Valuing Our Employees
  • Enterprise
  • Community Co-operation
  • Employment
  • Educational Resources for all

For more information on the objectives our CSR panel have set from 2017 to 2025 and beyond see our CSR policy. available to download and print.

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