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Household Food Waste Regulations News Flash

The Department of the Environment has confirmed that the Household Food Waste Regulations, due to be signed and implemented in 2013 will begin on July 2013.

Infonet software

In response to ever increasing requirements to effectively manage data, we have recently invested in new software that will greatly assist in data management and significantly improve customer interpretation of data, particularly in relation to CCTV surveying, GPS surveys, topographical surveys and other similar services that AQS can offer. INFONET stores network drainage data in a project database. It can present drainage networks just the way the user requires – for example it might be a colour coded map to highlight pipe sizes, or it might show all the sections which have been surveyed and show the drainage defects present - With a few clicks, a user can view footage of the CCTV survey or examine photographs of manholes. This eliminates the need for users to leaf through CCTV reports, manhole survey reports and other similar documents – information can also be added – i.e. rehabilitation works – and this offers significant time savings to our customer base.

AQS awarded OHSAS 18001 Quality Certification

AQS Environmental Solutions is delighted to announce that we have just been awarded the OHSAS 18001 quality certification in environmental management.

Lanes Group plc acquires second drainage services company

Lanes Group plc today announced that it has acquired the Arlo Group, the owners of AQS Environmental Solutions, one of the largest providers of drainage, industrial and waste management services in Ireland.

Environment minister “welcomes” Lanes Group investment in Irish drainage business

Ireland’s Environment Minister Alan Kelly has welcomed Lanes Group’s investment in its newly-acquired Irish business, which is already creating new jobs.

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