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Equipment enabling AQS to provide a wider and greater service

AQS Environmental Solutions are Drainage and Cleaning Experts. We have an extensive range of truck and van units to provide this service

In the new drainage age – engineers want to know everything

Drainage has always been at the hidden and mysterious end of asset management. In the past, once the initial drainage system had been installed, additions and modifications were often made ad hoc, with incomplete records kept of what had gone where.

AQS Environmental Solutions has moved!

AQS environmental solutions has moved head quarters from Thurles to Castletown, Galmoy, Co. Kilkenny.

What Makes CCTV Cameras an Indispensable Tool for Drainage Surveys?

A CCTV camera is necessary in drainage surveys to locate the cause of the blockage and identify it so you can employ the correct steps to unclog it.

Why Your Home Needs Routine Professional Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service

For drain issues, it’s best to hire professional sewer and drain cleaning services because they have the right tools and use the best methods.

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