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How Would a Busy Farm Benefit from Expert Silo Cleaning Services?


As storage spaces for high-moisture grains, grass, and other feed for livestock, farm silos have become a standard fixture in the farming sector.

This is one reason why access to the best expert silo cleaning services has become such an important issue.

By protecting essential foods, silos support the productivity of a farm. The increased growth in population and need for agricultural produce leads to a demand for reliable storage solutions, and metal silos are one such resource.

Metal silos are mainly designed to store a multitude of products by creating a pressurised space within them. Silo cleaning and maintenance is essential to prevent the breeding of store product insects. Spoilage caused often by insect activity can increase microbiological activity, allowing bacteria to develop.

Silos should be cleaned regularly to:

  • Reduce the risk of spoilage
  • Reduce the risk of inspect or bacteria contamination
  • Prevent silo overflow
  • Stop materials from sticking to the side of the vessel
  • Ensure emergency exits remain accessible


Expert silo cleaning services are needed for several reasons. 

Health and safety

Silos are potentially very dangerous. Every year, farm workers are injured and killed while attempting to maintain them. Expert silo cleaning companies have the right equipment and experience to carry out the work safely, with no risk to farm workers, and no risk of legal challenge if something goes wrong.

Risk Assessment

Silo cleaning begins with a risk assessment to devise a safe system of work, including an escape plan in case safety issues arise. For example, before cleaning work starts, the professionals assess air quality in the silo.

Silo cleaning services cannot begin cleaning if the air is unfit. At all times, trained silo cleaners wear the appropriate protective clothing, and use the right equipment. Different silos may need different access techniques, and accredited silo cleaning specialists can determine the best way to enter these confined spaces.


Hiring a silo cleaning company means farm employees can get on with doing more productive work. The experts can complete the work quickly and efficiently, while much less experienced farm employees will take much more time.

On completion of cleaning the vessels, professionals prepare reports about the silo's condition that include before and after images, potential infestation problems, and the cleaning process.


Some farmers can put off silo cleaning until serious problems arise. One of these is hygiene risks caused by product contamination and the build-up of pests, which can include rodents and inspects.

Silos that contain sugar and other coarse-flow products can effectively self-clean in the short-term. However, powdered products are often susceptible to infestations from pests.

The underside of silo lids, and dead spaces at the ends of the screw conveyors, which are fitted to many solos, are most prone to insect infestation.

The moisture and heat generated in many products stored in silos can also cause serious mould growth, a problem made worse if the silo is located in a windy area.

This presents additional health risks for anyone attempting to clean silos, which is why the work should be trusted to expert silo cleaners, who have the training and equipment to manage these very real farm-related hazards.  


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