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We have the latest equipment to clean all types of industrial silos and tanks.

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AQS Environmental Solutions Waste

Waste Management

We remove and dispose waste including septic, sludge, grease and food.


GPS Mapping

Drainage Network Asset Mapping

Drainage networks comprise of pipes, manholes, outfalls and other features generally referred to as assets. For a variety of tasks including network management, design of upgrades and communicating information about a network, it is important that accurate quality information is available about these assets.

Critical data includes:

  • The location of manholes and other key assets to ITM or National Grid Co-ordinates.
  • CCTV condition surveys of network pipes, including size, material, connection location and defects.
  • Manhole surveys detailing key dimensions, photographs and condition data.
  • Topographical surveys and ground models which inform Impermeable Area Surveys and Drainage Area Plans.
  • Connectivity data connecting manholes and other key assets.

AQS Asset Mapping Services

  • Robotic CCTV Survey Camera Vehicles
  • GPS and Robotic Total Station Survey Equipment
  • Specialist INFONET Network Modelling Software
  • AutoCAD and Revit Software
  • Line Tracing Sondes

We can produce high accuracy network surveys and deliver:

  • INFONET Drainage Models
  • Drainage Network Layout Maps
  • Drainage Profiles
  • Manhole Reports
  • CCTV Survey Reports
  • Impermeable Area Surveys


We firmly believe in utilising the best available technology on the market to carry out field surveys and to manage and present the data to our customers. In keeping with this, a number of years ago we introduced network data management software into the business. InfoNet allows us to gather, manage and present data in a cost effective manner for our customers. We have the capability to provide them with detailed information and layouts of their networks. Our GPS mapping and constructed drawings service is increasingly in demand for taking in charge applications.

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