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AQS Environmental SolutionsIndustrial


We have the latest equipment to clean all types of industrial silos and tanks.

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AQS Environmental Solutions Waste

Waste Management

We remove and dispose waste including septic, sludge, grease and food.


Structural Rehabilatation

The purpose of carrying out manhole or drainage surveys is to determine the condition of the asset in question. Along with our drainage rehabilitation techniques, we also assist in man-hole rehabilitation, basement, tank and bund sealing, as well as bund relining. The objective in each case is the reduction of infiltration from external sources, such as groundwater, into the drainage network, and the re-establishment of integrity and overall improvement in the drainage network.

To this end, we employ a number of techniques:

  • Injection of specialised resins into cracks in manholes/tanks to eliminate water ingress
  • Application of specialist mortars
  • Correction of benching in manholes
  • Testing and relining of open tank bunds to ensure proper intrinsic seal
  • Elimination of leaks in tank bunds and underground culverts/basements

Our rehabilitation teams are fully trained in confined space entry techniques, and very competent in a wide range of related disciplines.

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