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Blocked Drains? Seek Water Jetting Services or Electro-mechanical Drain Cleaning

Many people who experience blocked drains often try a bit of DIY maintenance before they seek professional help. Why not give it a go? Professional water jetting services are expensive, aren’t they? And you want an instant fix for this problem.

Sometimes taking matters into your own hands, like this, can work a treat. A bucket of hot water poured down a drain may clear a blockage and get your drain free-flowing again.

But, there is a catch. Often, problems like a toilet not flushing, or a sink filling up with waste water that should flow away, is a sign of a deeper drainage problem that might be located many metres away under the ground.

It means that no amount of hot water will budge the blockage. It could also mean that such a measure might give you temporary relief, but the drain problem will return days later, and this time it could be worse.

It’s amazing what people will put down a drain

Blocked drains can have quite a startling number of causes nowadays. Some are natural. Some are caused by us silly humans. For example, tree roots can grow into a pipe, slowing the flow of water. Waste can then snag on the roots and a blockage is born. Sooner or later, householders or businesses find out about it when their drains block, and toilets won’t work.

But, increasingly, it is us humans who are the biggest culprits. Restaurants and food outlets, as well as householders, dispose of a lot of food waste grease and oil down drains. This results in the creation of fatbergs, as the oil and fat congeals in pipes, sealing them up almost completely in some cases.

Then there are sanitary products and a range of disposal wipes that people think can be flushed down the loo, when they cannot. Baby wipes, cleaning wipes, cosmetic wipes in their thousands are disposed of in this way. Even wipes used instead of toilet paper – and which manufacturers say are flushable – cause blockages. Wastewater experts argue they do not break down quickly enough to avoid becoming stuck in drainage pipes.

A lot of other items – from mobile phones to children’s toys (that plastic super hero really didn’t want to go on an underwater adventure down that big white tunnel) – have been found to cause major drain and sewer blockage problems. 

You need Water Jetting Services Man (or Woman)!

Okay, they are not super heroes, but sometimes you just need professional help to clear a blocked drain. Water jetting services provided by a reputable drainage specialist present the best solution, in many cases.

This involved pressurised water being ‘jetted’ down the drain or sewer to smash up the blockage, and release the waste water. Either the blockage material is vacuumed up at the same time and disposed of legally and safely. Or, with smaller blockages, the act of hitting the blockage with the water jet breaks it into smaller pieces that flow freely down the pipe.

This process is often supported by a CCTV drainage survey, where a small camera is put down the drain to find the cause of the blockage. A lot of drainage specialist have often found a plastic super hero stuck apologetically in a drain with this approach. Then, efforts can be made to mount a rescue.

The alternative, is to carry out another specialist drain cleaning service called electro-mechanical cleaning. This involves a flexible steel tube being guided down the drain. It has a rotating tool on the end (there are different kinds of different blockages). An electric motor drives the head to cut through the blockage. This could be tree roots, or other material, such as scale that can build up in pipes.

Blocked drain – one wrong move and it’s worse!

Commissioning water jetting services from a drainage specialist has another benefit over the DIY approach. Drainage system are very robust, but they can be unforgiving. If you do not know what you are doing, it is very easy to make a problem worse.

SUPERHERO - WEB VERSION.jpgFor example, trying to clear a blockage, with water backed up inside a drain pipe could force the water into your business or home, causing a serious sewage flood, with significant volumes of funky water.

All drainage specialists, while carrying out water jetting, have come across drain unblocking rods stuck down sewer pipes, sometimes in large numbers. It is a tell-tale sign that someone has tried their hand at being a drainage engineers, with poor results.

So, it is very often better to call on a trusted drain-cleaning service. That way there is now chance of trying to be a sewer hero, and ending up as the villain!

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