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Bund Testing and Rehabilitation

Bund integrity testing is a vital element of planned and preventative maintenance at sites that use bunds to protect material storage facilities.

AQS provides a national bund integrity testing service – and a comprehensive bund rehabilitation service.

A bund is a secondary containment system designed to prevent the escape of potentially-hazardous materials, usually from tank or drum storage facilities.

AQS works with clients to assess current bund requirements and ensure in currenting bunding complies with regulations, guidelines, and advice published by the Environmental Protection Agency.

We can provide clients with advice about bund design before they are installed, as well as integrity assessments of new bunds, and integrity assessments of in-service bunds.

Bund integrity testing

Our trained and experienced technical teams can carry out bund integrity testing to the highest standards, giving you a clear assessment of compliance with regulations. AQS provides all documents and certificates needed to satisfy due diligence protocols.

Visual bund integrity inspections

AQS can carry out visual bund inspections which can form part of your PPM programme. Or we can carry out a visual bund inspection as the first step in a response to an untoward incident, or a bund rehabilitation programme.

Our visual bund integrity inspections cover the following issues, among others:

  • Bund cracking
  • Chemical erosion
  • Corrosion
  • Bund distortion
  • Physical damage
  • Appropriate use of materials
  • Contamination

Hydrostatic bund integrity testing

AQS carries out hydrostatic bund integrity testing on all types of bunds. This gives clients added assurance that their bunding has been tested to standards stipulated by the EPA and in-house policies and procedures.

Manhole and firewater integrity assessment

As well as bund integrity inspection and testing, AQS provides expert advice on tank, pipe, and manhole integrity and firewater integrity assessments.

Bund rehabilitation services

AQS provides a full range of bund rehabilitation services for facilities across all industrial sectors, including the petrochemical industry, food industry, manufacturing, and utilities.

These bund rehabilitation and replacement services include:

  • Technical reports providing specifications for remedial solutions to address all bund structure issues, including: cracking, chemical erosion, corrosion, and impact damage
  • Bund and sump cleaning using the latest ADR combined suction and jetting units, including hazardous waste disposal
  • Application of chemically resistant coatings, in conjunction with repair and priming products to bridge and seal cracks
  • Construction of new water and chemical containment bunds, plus associated facilities and structures
  • Application of flexible tanking membrane prior to tiling
  • Specification and application of solutions to increase chemical resistance and durability – and minimise the risk of pollution if leaks occur.

All bund integrity testing and rehabilitation services are provided by highly experienced technicians and engineers, trained and qualified to the appropriate standard.

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