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AQS Environmental Solutions Waste

Waste Management

We remove and dispose waste including septic, sludge, grease and food.


AQS Environmental Solutions Drainage


We do everything from drain cleaning and relining to structural rehabilitation.

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Digester Cleaning

With our specialised machinery we can bring overloaded and even inoperable digester tanks back to full operating capacity.

Overloading, lack of adequate oxidation time, loss of gas recovery, or grit and trash, can cause a wastewater digester to function at only a small percentage of its designed capacity, or not at all. When this occurs, immediate and thorough cleaning is required.

Our highly trained and experienced personnel are deployed with all of the necessary digester cleaning equipment to quickly and safely remove all organic and inorganic materials that interfere with the operation of the digester. All wastes generated as a result of our cleaning procedures can be delivered to our own EPA licensed composting facility, or any of the other number of facilities to where we deliver wastes.

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