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AQS Environmental Solutions Waste

Waste Management

We remove and dispose waste including septic, sludge, grease and food.


AQS Environmental Solutions Drainage


We do everything from drain cleaning and relining to structural rehabilitation.

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Silo & Hopper Cleaning

We can dispatch a very skilled and highly trained engineering team at short notice to carry out a variety of silo and hopper cleaning services, including:

  • Ash
  • Cement
  • Lime
  • Powder
  • Flour
  • Grain

We can remove all blockages and restore your plant to full capacity, greatly decreasing or completely removing the need for costly down time and reduced operations. 

Farmers can improve productivity and farm safety by using silo cleaning services

Farmers are dab hands at having a go at all sorts of jobs, so there is no surprise some try to clean their own silos rather than use silo cleaning services.

With almost 140,000 farms in Ireland, that could add up to a lot of farmers compromising their safety, the safety of farm hands, and the productivity if their operations.

Silos are an important facility on many farms. Maintaining them well is, therefore, important to the smooth running of farm businesses.

But cleaning silos is both hard work and time consuming. It is also potentially dangerous. That is why, if farmers want to make their operations more efficient, using silo cleaning services is an important step.

Common silo maintenance issues

Farm silos are expensive assets, so need to be maintained and used properly. For example, if they are unloaded incorrectly, their structure can be weakened. If silos are not maintained properly they can become less weatherproof.

Moisture build-up from rainwater can also create blockages in the silo caused by softened, clustered grain.

When discharging grain, you may notice clumps of grain coming out, or grain flowing out at a reduced capacity. These are signals that the silo needs cleaning, and a maintenance inspection.

Silo cleaning – the risks

Farmers who attempt to clean silos themselves may be putting themselves in danger.

Silos containing grain or flour can create poisonous gases. Some of them are flammable and explosive. Many of these gases are not detectable without the specialist monitors.

Farmers will not now they exist until it is too late. Also, attempting to clear a blockage in a silo is fraught with risks. There are cases of farmers being buried alive beneath tonnes of grain.

A professional silo cleaner will do the job more safely and proficiently. They’ve been specially trained and equipped for the task, as well as their own insurance cover.

Focus on Quick and Easy Production

All farmers want their businesses to run smoothly. For this to happen, planned and preventative maintenance is preferable to waiting for a disruptive silo blockage to spark an emergency.

Customers wanting your produce will not be forgiving of farmers who have not planned ahead.

The answer is to arrange a regular cleaning schedule with silo cleaning providers.

Silo maintenance and cleaning can be integrated into farm production schedules. Farmers can spend their time focusing on core production issues, while the experts clean their silos.

Find out more about industrial cleaning services, including silo cleaning, from AQS Environmental Solutions.

Trusted silo cleaning services that remove the risk, and add to farm productivity.



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