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Sludge Dewatering & Recycling

Sludge dewatering – a key element for many renovation and land development projects

If you are preparing land for development, or starting a project to renovate a property, there is a chance you will need sludge dewatering services.

One of the first steps in a development project is groundworks – the process of preparing the ground to build a structure upon it.

Also, property renovation projects can involve modifying the environment, such as clearing slurry pits or stabilising ground.

In both instances, sludge dewatering may need to be carried out.

What is sludge dewatering?

So, what is sludge dewatering? Put simply, it is the process of removing water from material that is in a liquid or semi-liquid state.

This allows the water to be legally and responsibly disposed of, either somewhere else on the site, or at an authorized waste disposal site.

The material in the previously unstable sludge may be left in situ to form part of the ground upon which a structure can be built, or it, too, can be disposed of elsewhere, or further processed, if that is necessary.

On large-scale projects, sections of ground may require sludge dewatering to establish solid footing for the construction of foundations or extensions to homes or business premises.

Sludge dewatering during site excavations

Sludge dewatering can be used when you need to dig deeper into the ground for projects like building a basement.

Excavating basements under homes or commercial premises is an increasingly cost-effective way to increase the size of the property, adding more space and value. This is especially the case if the property is in a built-up area, where there is no land to build on, or where planning controls restrict extension of properties above ground.

In these cases, the excavations may need to be extended below the water table, so material dug out needs to be dewatered.

Dewatering wells, cesspits and slurry pits

There may be a need to carry out sludge dewatering to clear cesspits, slurry its or old wells. For example, a farmland site may be re-designated for housing.

There could be a slurry pit on the site that needs to be cleared for safety reasons, or to prepare the site for construction. In this case, sludge detwatering is often a sensible approach.

It means that material that can safely remain on site can be separated from the water. In this sense, sludge dewatering is a cost-effective way to manage the ground development process.

The cost of disposing slurry is either calculated in terms of volume or weight. Either way, the costs can be greatly reduced by dewatering the slurry. Then, often only one or the other material – the water or the solids – has to be disposed of, at a much-reduced cost.

If you need sludge dewatering to be carried out, to complete your renovation project, contact a reliable company to discuss the options available to you.

You can either choose to hire equipment yourself. Or you can commission a professional sludge dewatering service to carry out the task for you. This will ensure the process is carried out safely, quickly and legally, in line with all waste management and environmental protection regulations.

We operate a wide range of equipment which allows us to offer a variety of sludge services, depending on the circumstances. We operate MaskoFlex® mobile dewatering units and Simon Moos filter skip dewatering systems. We also have mobile centrifuge units  available for long term hire.

The knowledge and expertise of our mobile sludge dewatering team mean our operators can maximise the capabilities of our machines in any situation and our customers benefit from having the maximum quantities of sludge processed.

Any sludge generated is delivered to authorised disposal facilities. Combined with our other industrial services, we are well placed to handle any project that comes our way, and provide cost effective solutions for waste minimisation.


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