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Industrial Cleaning

AQS provides industrial cleaning across a wide range of industrial sectors. These include cement manufacturing, waste to energy plants, oil storage facilities, and pharmaceutical companies. As it is very important for facilities of every type to maintain a certain standard of cleanliness, we understand the need to provide industrial cleaning solutions that are at a high level. We can provide multiple above and below ground services.

Distinct from residential or general cleaning services, we understand that industrial cleaning requires a different kind of expertise to ensure that equipment like conveyor belts are cleaned properly, and that the correct cleaning chemicals are used on the right machinery. Failure to follow strict guidelines can have a negative impact on our customer’s business.

Industrial Cleaning Standards
AQS prides ourselves on really getting to know our customer’s industry and needs. That is why we follow strict processes that include collecting machinery cleaning manuals, and guidelines before our projects begin. This guarantees that we can carry out our industrial cleaning procedures safety and to our customer’s standards.

We can deliver industrial cleaning during production shutdown periods or as part of an integrated service and production team in live manufacturing environments. This can happen as part of a planned schedule or in emergency situations.

Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Dust and cement removal from conveyors

Boiler shutdown cleaning and maintenance

Oil storage cleaning and disposal

Packaging of hazardous materials for off-site disposal

Drainage services