Drainage services

Drainage services are a core AQS service offering, both for planned drainage services, and for emergency drain and sewer services. We use advanced suction and jetting equipment and the latest service planning software to ensure our drainage services are delivered effectively and sustainably at all times. Our range of drainage services are ideal for Septic Tanks, Pumping Stations, Treatment Plants, Sewerage Pits and so much more.

We can also act as your end-to-end service partner. This means you will have one point of contact to deliver a joined-up drainage service so that all your drain and sewer assets are always maintained to the highest standard.

Key Drainage Services:

  • CCTV drainage surveys
  • Topographical surveys
  • ACAD drawings
  • Drain and sewer unblocking
  • Drain and sewer cleaning
  • Sewer rehabilitation and relining (CIPP)
  • Drain jetting
  • Drain inspection
  • Drain repair

Drainage Services Waste Removal

As a national waste collection permit holder, AQS can safely and legally transport drainage waste to a wide network of approved disposal facilities.

We can also carry out on-site waste processing to reduce the volume of waste taken off site from our drainage services. This reduces your costs and carbon footprint. We use a range of techniques to do this. They include mobile screening systems, mobile centrifuges and macerators.

Our continuous investment in a new fleet of combined suction and jetting equipment, including Recycler technology, enables us to deliver cleaning solutions to every scenario encountered on all drainage network types. Whether it’s a large culvert in an isolated location or a foul sewer in a city centre, we have it covered. Our team of operators are experienced, approachable and knowledgeable.

AQS CCTV teams carry out drainage surveys using a wide range of remotely controlled robotic camera and mini-camera systems.

Our advanced EX-rated camera units can be used to survey a wide range of drain and sewer pipes and culverts, from narrow to large diameters. All our skilled CCTV survey operatives have undertaken pipe sewer condition classification (OS19X) training and regularly update their skills through additional training.

We use WinCan VX CCTV survey software to create powerful and easy-to-understand survey reports quickly and securely for our clients. Mapping data can also be made available on the InfoNet database.

AQS can provide a pipeline testing service, either as part of an emergency response or as a key element of planned preventative maintenance. Our pipeline integrity testing and inspection meets all EPA and other regulatory guidance.

AQS’s expert teams carry out hydrostatic testing of pipelines and manholes and air testing of pipelines to BS EN 1610 standard using Sklarz Mastertest pressure testing equipment. We can also carry out pipe pigging as required.

AQS provides a range of specialist surveying services that complement its CCTV drainage surveys. These include as-built surveys and drone (UAV – unmanned aerial vehicle) surveys if they are needed.

These techniques are often needed to support surveying of drainage systems across large areas such as industrial estates and housing developments. To comply with Irish Water guidelines, AQS can provide all survey data on the Infonet database.

Panoramo manhole scanner

AQS can use its Panoramo manhole scanner to take high resolution 360-degree photographs and create 3D point clouds of manhole chambers. The technology allows chambers to be surveyed in half the time taken by a confined space entry survey while gathering more data. This makes the technique safer, more productive and more sustainable.

The need for sewer repairs may be identified by a CCTV drainage survey. AQS survey reports, delivered in digital and hard copy formats, include HD video and images that support fast and accurate assessment of sewer repairs needed.

Sewer defects can include radial and longitudinal cracking, collapsed pipes, partially or fully collapsed pipes, joint displacement and root infestation. In these cases, and all others, AQS can deploy a comprehensive range of sewer repair and rehabilitation services to restore the pipe and related assets to full working order.

These sewer repair and rehabilitation services include:

  • Root infestation cutting with water jetting or robotic cutters.
  • Robotic cutting of sewer blockage material, including concrete, grout, and re-bar.
  • Excavation and pipe replacement.
  • Installation of full liners (cured in place pipe – CIPP).
  • Installation of part-liners.
  • Manhole relining

AQS provides a bund integrity testing service.  Under EPA regulations, bunds and associated structures must be periodically tested to ensure that they are leakproof. Our bund testing service is undertaken in compliance with all current testing guidelines.

The testing regime can involve water leak tests, non-destructive testing (NDT) testing and concrete sampling, if needed. If a bund fails the testing regime, AQS can provide a comprehensive bund repair service, regardless of the bund application or bund size.  Bund repairs we can provide include full bund relining, bund crack injection, and concrete repairs.