Bund Repairs, Testing and Rehabilitation

As bunds are built around an area where polluting substances are handled, they must be capable of gathering and retaining hazardous materials at all times. All bund facilities must be tested prior to going into service to ensure integrity, and serviced every three years. A leak or break in the facility can have negative consequences for the local environment.

It is therefore hugely important that bund repairs are identified and dealt with as quickly as possible.

We provide rigorous hydrostatic bund testing services that ensure the integrity of facilities, carrying out bund repair where necessary. Bund testing, as part of planned preventative maintenance programmes, is essential to prove spill protection systems are working correctly and to detect signs of leak as early as possible.

All bund repair techniques, equipment and materials used, comply with all requirements of bund contents and the level of protection needed.

Common Issues leading to bund repair include:

  • Damage to interior walls
  • Damage to pipes within bund walls
  • Oil / hazardous substance penetration
  • Plant infestation

We provide the following bund services:

  • Visual inspection of bund to ensure there is no perceptible bund repair needed
  • Hydrostatic bund testing
  • Full Bund Fault Report
  • Bund Repairs and rehabilitation
  • Full certificate of bund integrity