Waste management

Our national waste collection permit enabling us to collect and deliver a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes to authorised facilities anywhere in Ireland. We also have a fleet of modern and advanced specialist vehicles, including ADR suction and jetting tankers, for the responsive, dependable and safe haulage of a wide range waste types, including liquid, sludge, pellet and powder material. This can be carried out as a one-off task, or as a long-term service involving multiple sites and multiple waste streams.

All organic waste collected and managed by AQS is processed through biological treatment facilities, including composting and anaerobic digestion plants. These are effective, reliable and sustainable methods for recycling waste. By doing this, we contribute to our customers’ sustainability strategies, reduce the carbon footprints of their operations and assist in enhancing their business reputations.

AQS is regularly commissioned to carry out tank cleaning and other industrial cleaning activities that involve the handling and carriage of dangerous goods and hazardous wastes.

To achieve this, we operate combined suction and jetting units, articulated vacuum tankers, hook-loader units and closed containers that are certified for the handling and carriage of dangerous goods, with Hazchem-trained drivers and operators.

Dangerous goods managed on a daily basis include: flammable solvents; corrosive chemicals; and toxic solid wastes. AQS sets the high safety standards in compliance with all regulations that apply to these services. Typical tasks we are trusted to carry out include:

  • Haulage of dangerous goods and hazardous wastes from site of origin to disposal facilities.

Extraction of solid hazardous wastes from process tanks, waste tanks and other production assets