AQS Environmental Solutions is helping customers safeguard hazardous materials by ensuring bunds regularly underground integrity testing and are maintained to a high level. Bunds are vital secondary containment systems that prevent the escape of stored products or waste, including petrochemicals, and contaminated liquids.

Regulations and guidelines overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency and other safety bodies, require bunds to undergo regular integrity testing. AQS Technical Director Rónán Beasley said: “Like all facilities that only prove their worth in extreme and often irregular circumstances, there is a risk that bund maintenance can be overlooked. “We help customers overcome this problem by ensuring they are integrity tested, repaired and upgraded as part of a planned preventative maintenance programme.

“We can maintain and supply records of this testing and maintenance cycle and ensure all deadlines, required by legislation, are met. “That way there is zero risk that the EPA could find anything amiss if it inspected hazardous waste storage facilities, and absolutely minimal risk of the bund failing in the event of an untoward incident.” However, if an untoward incident does occur, AQS should be on the first-to-call call list, added Beasley. Its industrial waste and cleaning teams can rapidly use their advanced ADR suction units to contain spills.

AQS provides customers with advice about bund design before they are installed, as well as with integrity assessments of new bunds, and integrity assessments of in-service bunds. This can involve visual inspection and hydrostatic bund integrity testing on all types of bunds. Hydrostatic testing gives customers assurance that their bunding has been tested to all required standards, including those stipulated by the EPA.

Maintenance issues that the AQS bund integrity testing service will highlight include: bund cracking; chemical erosion; corrosion; bund distortion; physical damage; contamination; and appropriate use of materials. AQS also carries out bund rehabilitation at facilities across all industrial sectors, including the petrochemical industry, food industry, manufacturing, and utilities. This can include bund and sump cleaning using the latest ADR combined suction and jetting units, application of specialist coatings, installation of flexible membranes, plus specification and use of solutions to increase chemical resistance and durability.